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Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring is the world's first smartphone-based monitoring solution in orthodontic care.

OrthoCare Orthodontics has recently partnered with Dental Monitoring, a company providing the world's first smartphone-based monitoring solution, to make your orthodontic treatment easier than ever. Using your smartphone, you can now capture tooth movements in real-time and communicate them to our staff. This information can warn us of changing conditions as they occur and can help us guide your treatment remotely. The result is faster and more efficient orthodontic treatment with fewer office appointments required on average.

Dental monitoring smartphone app
Dental monitoring digital solution
Smartphone based dental monitoring
A personalised mobile application just for you

Dental Monitoring uses the camera system of your smartphone. All you need to do is take photos of your teeth on a regular basis.

A patented 3D matching technology

Using the Dental Monitoring Algorithm, a 3D model is build of the current position of your teeth. The 3D model is then matched with the photos you submit to immediately view any tooth movement.

A monitoring dashboard for the Orthodontist

A monitoring dashboard for the orthodontic staff at OrthoCare to monitor your progress frequently and in real-time without needing to stop in for an appointment. 

OrthoCare Orthodontics | Dental Monitoring

OrthoCare Orthodontics | Dental Monitoring
Dental Monitoring
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