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In Search of Magic Whitening Toothpaste

People want the whitest teeth they can get because white teeth are associated with success, happiness and good health.

There are so many at home whitening remedies and products that we can not list them all. Many of them may whiten your teeth, but the harm they have done is greater than the whitening. From acid erosion to abrasion, at home remedies may not be the way to go.

The latest product to hit the market is charcoal. It sounds reasonable, but did you know if the charcoal is too abrasive you have not only brushed the stains away you have also brushed away your enamal that will never return.

It is always best to speak with your dentist before trying these new products to protect your teeth. As our parents always said, your adult teeth are the only ones you are going to get, protect them.

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